Bassoon **SOLD**

March 27, 2013



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After 17 years of great pleasure perfoming on it I will be selling my HECKEL BASSOON. I am the first owner and the bassoon has been in professional use ever since,  in 1000+ concerts all over the world, in chamber music as well as symphony orchestras. Check the details below and please contact me through if you would like to have more information. The instrument is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For SALE is the following COMPLETE PACKAGE:

- Heckel Bassoon, # 14.031 (1996), in excellent condition; extra’s below
- Two Bocals (Crooks) at choice (I have several to choose from: Heckel as well as Leitzinger)
- Original Heckel hard case, in good condition (not used in the past 8 years)
- Used lightweight Marcus Bonna case
- 15 CDs (mostly from Calefax) on which this instrument is being played

Sound clips of this instrument can be found here.

Extra’s on the instrument as described in the Heckel brochure
- Further lining of lengt-bore wide side butt (half)
- Lining finger holes: F, E, D, C, G-ring, B with Sterlingsilver tubes
- High E key on wing joint for left forefinger over F-fingerhole
- Eb(D#) trill key on wing joint between E and D
- Ab/Bb trill key on butt joint
- Extra second low C key plate for left thumb, oval
- Handrest normal
- Holding-together bewteen wing and long joint, model Heckel
- Roller on F# right little finger on butt joint
- Lock device No. 1 left thumb on wing joint
- Instrument case: model B normal, rectangular flat
- Altieri Thermo cover, black nylon, cushioned with backpackstraps

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