YouTube Preview ImageWith musikFabrik on Dutch TV, introducing Harry Partch.

YouTube Preview ImagePerforming ‘Assemble’, with Calefax in Japan.

YouTube Preview ImageWith Calefax @ TEDxAmsterdam: 30 Nov. 2010.

YouTube Preview ImageShort impression of the India tour 2009 with Calefax and Jungle Boldie.

YouTube Preview ImagePortrait of Calefax by Rob Marinissen.

YouTube Preview ImageThe first of three music clips called STUDIES ON NANCARROW, based upon Conlon Nancarrow’s fabulous Studies for Player Piano. This one is Study no. 2, in an arrangement by Raaf Hekkema and played by the Dutch reed quintet Calefax. A dvd with the clips is available in much higher quality. Postproduction by Shosho, Thamuar Rep. Feel free to contact me for more info.

YouTube Preview ImageBenjamin Zander’s inspiring talk on ‘Music and Passion’. Worth every minute.